A unique selection of imported pure concentrated perfume (attar). Our
attar is not mixed or watered down. One drop will last all day and one
bottle will last years. All of our Amber, Moroccan Musk and Oudy
scents are 100% alcohol-free.
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Tall Spiral Design Roll-On Bottle (10 ml)
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It is well documented throughout the hadiths or traditions of the Prophet
Muhammad (peace be upon him) that the use of perfumes carries many
blessings, and that it was one of the few things of this world beloved to
him. Muslims are encouraged to wear perfume during daily prayers,
especially on Fridays and during the Eid celebrations. In other hadiths it is
also related that the Prophet (PBUH) would never reject gifts of perfume.

Attar is known by many names: ittar, itr, atr or simply perfume oils, and is
a type of natural perfume extract from flowers, herbs, spices or barks. It is
very popular in the Middle East, South Asia and parts of Africa. Attar is
the most common form of concentrated perfume. Attars are natural
perfumes for daily use, are not injurious to health as alcohol can be, and
are suitable for both men and women. These days due to the lack of the
original raw materials and resources, many are synthetically manufactured
to replicate the original scents.

Since ancient times, many peoples have used attars as a perfume. They
were particularly popular with nobles in the romantic stories of a bygone
era. It was a customary practice of nobility to offer attar to their guests at
the time of their departure. The attars are traditionally presented in ornate
tiny crystal cut bottles called "itardans". Because of its concentrated form,
attar is sold in small bottles.

Although the origins of perfumery predate Islam, the greatest advancements
in the art of making perfumes through distillation came from Muslim
chemists. Many centuries later, around the 14th century, knowledge of
perfumery came to Europe partially as a result of the spread of Islam.

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