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Islamic Kufis - Hats
Islamic Kufis - Hats Islamic Kufis - Hats
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Macrame Mesh Kufis
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Black & White Macrame Felt Waves Style Kufi
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The Kufi – A Prayer Time Essential

A kufi (also known as taqiya in Arabic, peci in Indonesian and take in
Turkish) is a brimless, short and rounded cap that Muslim men wear. The
Prophet Muhammad (SAW) wore a kufi. You will find that many Muslims
wear these caps not only during prayer but most of the day as well. The
significance of this is affirmation of the belief that Allah is present
everywhere. Covering the head is a sign of humility before God.

Wearing a kufi has many benefits. When worn during prayer, it helps to
prevent the hair from falling down on one’s face and disturbing
concentration when praying. When worn in general, kufis help distinguish
you from others and serve as a reminder to exhibit exemplary behavior in
every situation.

There are many different styles of kufis hats or skull caps. While some are
simple white caps with no brims, others are a bit boxy. Some even look like
hairnets. These are often made of pure, plain cotton. Some are
embroidered. Kufis tend to have a round shape (although some are oval),
and they are available in a variety of colors.

The kufi comes in various styles to suit your mood, style and outfit. Some
are warmer than others, and favor certain climates. You may choose to go
with embroidered kufis or those that look like skull caps or beanies. You
could opt for those that are machine made or crocheted by hand. Some
kufis have a hard shell surface, while others are soft and sit well on the
forehead. There are even unique kufis made from macramé mesh!
White Macrame Felt Waves Style Kufi
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black white macrame mesh kufi felt
black white macrame mesh kufi
white macrame mesh kufi
White & Black Macrame Felt Waves Style Kufi
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Sale Price:
White Macrame Felt Waves Style Kufi
Sale Price:
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