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All kufis are lined with durable crepe back fabric and are tailored to precision
with quality thread. Other colors are available upon request and will be
added to the site soon.
black kufi with green ebroidery
white kufi by Hameed
These durable fine
hopsack kufis can be
made using whatever
color embroidery you
Other kufi designs
TheKufi.com - HameedCreations.com
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Each kufi/hat is custom made after receiving your order according
to the size and color you choose. So please allow a few extra days
for the kufi to reach you.
Welcome to Hameed Creations!
Benyamin Hameed is a professional tailor who has been
providing Muslims in North and South Carolina with his
beautiful custom handmade kufis for years. They are now
available to everyone.
Make your selection from the kufis here, measure the circumference of
your head and choose the size in inches from the drop down box. The
trimming around the kufis can be done in a different color. The hats
average about 3¼in (8.25cm) tall. You may also contact Benyamin
Hameed for other colors or specific designs.
Dark Grey Crushed Velvet Kufi with Silver Trim and Embroidery
Sale Price:
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Red Crushed Velvet Kufi with Gold Trim and Embroidery
Sale Price:
Black Crushed Velvet Kufi with Decorative Gold Trim
Sale Price:
Black Fine Weave Hopsack Kufi with Embroidery
Sale Price:
Red Fine Weave Hopsack Kufi with Embroidery
Sale Price:
Kufi is the traditional African name for "hat" which originally comes from the word for
"crown". However many Americans often use the word "kufi" to describe the hat which
is worn by Muslims. In other parts of the world it is known as taqiyah or `araqiyeh in
Arabic, takke in Turkish, topi in Urdu and peci in Indonesian.
For more info on kufis see these Wikipedia articles:
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