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All of our tasbihs are made by Muslims and are of the highest
quality. This large 10mm-bead white coffee wood tasbih has
adjustable tension and a 10-bead counter for extra repetitions
and a space marker. Comes in a 5x7 silver foil gift box.
All tasbihs we sell at MuslimClothing.com are strung with virtually unbreakable
braided material. If you have any questions about our tasbihs, please feel free to
email using the "contact us" link on the left side of this page.
Thank you again for visiting MuslimClothing.com!
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Coffee Wood Tasbihs
Prayer Beads - Dhikr Beads
More coming soon...
All tasbihs are put together with durable woven string with makes them
virtually unbreakable. We guarantee that. If your tasbih breaks under
normal use just send it back and we will send you a new one.
Beautiful White Coffee Wood Tasbih
99 beads with bead 10mm measures
Sale Price:
coffee wood tasbih
coffee wood beads
black tassel
The Tasbih

The word tasbih (also known as tesbih or misbaha) is a reference to prayer beads
used by Muslims. The word is related to supha or sebha, which means “to recite
Allah’s glories.” Keeping a tasbih with you is a beautiful way to both remember Allah
and remind you to praise Him.

Usually, a tasbih has 99 beads, each one symbolizing one of the 99 most revered
names of Allah. There are also 33-bead tasbihs. After each set of 33 beads (in a
99-bead set), you will find a nisane, or a disc. In a 33-bead tasbih, the discs are
placed after every 11 beads. Most tasbihs have tassels, which are usually made of
string but are sometimes made of beads. The tassel, frequently attached to a large
Alif/Imam bead, hangs between the first set of beads and the last set.

Tasbihs are usually comprised of a range of beads or stones, precious or
otherwise. Wooden beads are the most common, and you will find them in a range
of varieties - from fragrant sandalwood, tamarind, citrus wood, coffee to ironwood.
Sugar palm and petrified wood beads are also commonly available.

There was a time when tasbih beads were always handmade, but today you will find
very few craftsmen who do this. If you purchase a tasbih made of a fragrant wood,
you will have to store it in a wooden box to help retain its fragrance. Wood is often
brought in from Africa, India and Egypt as well as South America to make these
beads. The original craftsmen were located primarily in Istanbul, and they sold to
buyers throughout the Islamic world.

Some praises Muslims commonly repeat using a tasbih are “Subhanallah,” which
translates to "praise be to Allah,” “Alhamdulillah,” which means "glory be to Allah,”
“Allahuakbar,” which means “Allah is great,” and “La ilahaillallah,” which means
“there is no god but Allah.”
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