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What is a prayer rug, mat or carpet?

A prayer rug (or an Islamic prayer mat) is an ornate piece of cloth on which Muslims carry out their namaz, or prayers. It is placed on the ground, in the direction of Mecca, to ensure that the worshiper is on a clean surface for the various positions in prayer – kneeling, prostrating, sitting down, etc.

Prayer mats are frequently woven in various villages throughout Asia and the Middle East, and each village has a unique design for its prayer rugs. Sometimes, a particular end of the mat is designed to be placed in the direction of Mecca, where the ka’bah, or House of Allah, is located.

A prayer mat is rectangular in shape with a slight asymmetry at the head. This asymmetry is representative of the mihrab - the place where the Imam or leader of the prayer stands, and one is found in every mosque. Beautiful images related to Islam are woven on the mat – from symbols to architecture. Every symbol on the mat has a deep meaning and is important in the overall design of the prayer rug. Some rugs have mosque lamps woven into their design, and others bear the images of the ka’bah various mosques in Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem. The position of the hands in the course of prayer may also be depicted on these mats.

A typical prayer mat measures around 2 ft. x 4 ft., and is suitable for one person. Nowadays however you can find prayer rugs for children, extra-large prayer rugs and even thin fold-up travel-size prayer rugs. Islam is beautiful! Prayer rugs are just one of the symbols of that beauty. has a unique selection of various sizes of prayer rugs. Click here to see them:

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