Jan 172010

IslamicRelief - Haiti Earthquake Appeal

As-salaamu alaykum,
We would like to do our part to encourage everyone to donate as generously as they can to the people of Haiti. Sayyidina Ali (AS) said the people of the earth are either your brothers & sisters in the deen or your fellow human beings. With this in mind we should hasten to assist the people of Haiti. The reward will be from Allah.

Let us as Muslims put our money where our mouth is and demonstrate that we have learned from the greatest teachings ever revealed to mankind. Let those who have, help those who have-not. Do for others that which you would like done to yourself.

Islamic Relief

Islamic Relief

Here is a link to Islamic Relief Haiti Earthquake Appeal:

We have posted this banner on all of affiliate websites: MuslimClothing.com, QuranStands.com, TheKufi.com & HalalBid.com. Feel free to do the same.

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