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The Mukena – 2-Piece Islamic Prayer Garment For Women

In Islam, both men and women are instructed to dress modestly. To help a Muslim woman dress modestly when she performs salat, there is the mukena. Prayer should be divine, with one’s focus solely on Allah. As the mukena is long enough to cover everything from head to toe so only the face and hands remain visible, the Muslim woman can more easily focus on her prayers. With the trends in Muslim fashion evolving rapidly, the mukena has gained prominence for achieving what is required for a woman during prayers. She can purchase an extra mukena to keep at work; that way, she will never have to miss a salaat because she did not have a proper garment available for the holy act.

About the Mukena

The mukena is essentially a prayer robe which is worn by women over their regular attire. It is commonly used by Indonesian and Malay Muslim women, and its practicality and beauty are spreading the mukena’s popularity worldwide. Women often choose to wear this robe during salaat when they pray alone as well as in congregation. There are generally two types of mukenas, a one-piece variety and a two-piece type that includes a top and a bottom skirt. It is required that the robe is made loose in both cases to not only cover but also conceal the entire body except for the face and palms. The mukena is traditionally white in color, but due to the fact that no clothing is safe from becoming an object of fashion, mukenas are now available in a delightful array of colors and patterns. Mukenas often feature exquisite, detailed embroidery. As well as being beautiful, the mukena envelops women in a cloak of holiness and purity. It is also believed to have protective powers.

What We Offer

At we feature a wide selection of beautiful prayer garments made from high quality material and decorated with awesome embroidery and the most intricate lace. These mukenas are long and flowing, enveloping the wearer in the holiness and purity that is required during prayer. This beautiful and comfortable prayer garment is of great help simplifying clothing choices for those who are praying, soothing the mind while at the same time affording a chance to focus during the times of the day and night when salat is performed. The mukenas for women from come in beautifully embroidered soft rayon. This prayer attire for women is elegant, convenient and at the same time very comfortable. Our white prayer garments have colorful embroidery coupled with yellow lace trim. Our mukenas are two-piece garments, and consist of a scarf and a floor length skirt that is adjustable to easily fit over regular clothing. Muslim women will find it very appropriate as it allows for comfort and modesty during prayer.

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