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(Of course its not enough, we all need to do more!)

First, if you can, give something to help with relief efforts in Haiti – and if you’re donating to a specific charity, consider making an unrestricted donation. We at www.MuslimClothing.com have decided to channel our support thru IslamicRelief-USA. We know some of their staff personally and feel that they are an extremely reliable organization.

The following is an excerpt from an article by Gregg Carlstrom on January 18, 2010 8:46 AM

Here is a partial list of donations from Muslim countries:

Bahrain: The government has donated $1 million to relief efforts.

Jordan: A Jordanian air force plane carrying a military field hospital and 6 tons of food and supplies left Amman on January 14. A second plane carrying Jordanian medics left the following day.

Iran: Iran’s Red Crescent society sent 30 tons of humanitarian aid, including food, tents and medicine, on January 16.

Kuwait: Kuwait donated $1 million to relief efforts; the Red Crescent is preparing 100 tons of food, medical supplies, tents and blankets to fly to Haiti.

Lebanon: Lebanon is loading a plane with 25 tons of tents and 3 tons of medical supplies; it leaves tomorrow.

Morocco: Two planes carrying 24 tons of aid left the city of Kenitra on January 16. The Moroccan government has pledged $1 million in aid to Haiti.

Qatar: A Qatari C-17 aircraft loaded with 50 tons of aid left for Port-au-Prince on January 14. The Qatari government also sent a rescue team to set up a field hospital; the Red Crescent will sent another $100,000.

Turkey: Three cargo planes — carrying search-and-rescue teams, a mobile hospital and aid materials — left for Haiti on January 16. Another two planes left yesterday. Turkey has also donated $1 million in cash.

United Arab Emirates: The UAE sent two planes loaded with tents, and a team from the UAE’s Red Crescent will arrive in the Dominican Republic tomorrow to buy $500,000 worth of supplies and truck them to Haiti. Another 50 tons of emergency supplies will be air-lifted from Abu Dhabi tomorrow.

And these are just the countries in our area of interest — I didn’t include majority-Muslim countries like Indonesia and Malaysia, which have also made contributions. Oh, and the Islamic Society of North America set up a fund for Haiti, too.

(One notable omission from the list: Saudi Arabia hasn’t announced a donation yet, which is really inexcusable for a country with that kind of oil reserves.)

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